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GN Spring Floydesque Jam - UPDATED

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Due to unforeseen circumstances, JoeHempel can't participate as he wished. So, we have a slot that needs filling. It's the melody line of part V. I've begun sussing it out using a combination of my book and a fresh Guitar Pro file. It's very slow going.

So, if anyone wants to jump in and do a melody line, come on in! Otherwise I'll have to do the best I can, which is surely going to bring down the quality of this colaboration.

These are the parts that need to be done.
Section 8: Part V-ish melody 1 - 5:31 -> 6:32
Section 11: Part V-ish melody 2 - 6:51 -> 7:52

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Yeah sorry guys, I just can't get the file to play along with my Zoom, don't know what the deal is. And my time will begin shrinking in the near future, so while I can do things here and there, I have to bow out of this.

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