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Looking for a vocalist

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My specialties are writing, playing, recording - not singing. If you are a natural singer looking for original material and want to collaborate on original projects please let me know. I have some really nice songs for the right vocalist.

I have several completed songs (in terms of composing, recording, mixing, etc) just crying out for someone with great vocal ability to take them and sing their hearts out. I have melodies & words for some, just melodies for some, just words for some, neither for some. Whatever you want to do with my tracks you are welcome to try...

Check them out here:

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I have been looking for something like this for ages now. I'd be interested in collabing with you and doing vocals for some of your songs. I've heard a few and i'm interested in helping there! :D

I know this was posted a while back, but, if you're still up to it, just give a holler!


I'm downloading them all off your site to listen to ayways! sounding good!

In the morning I'll record and link you to an example of how i sound using strength. i can't really record since its late here as well as the fact sound echoes through this place like nuts.