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Mandolin Dem...collaboration (need serious players)

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Hey some people had expressed intrest in trying to make "mandolin demo" into a collaboration. It would be re-recorded on time to a click track. Although this song sounds nice to listen to, it is deceptively difficult to play. It begins with a very strong G major melody that repeats twice. It then starts off sounding like it is still the G major melody but a decending bassline abruptly modulates it into a tense progression that ends up rocketing the song off into A major (ish). Then things calm down a bit a jazzily slide back up to G major, a total of 4 different movements that I would be happy to write out if some people want to try and do it.

Playing either rhythm or melody on this song would be very tricky, but the whole thing is melody driven and sounds very logical. It does have a true modulation though, so this is the type of song youd have to think about a bit to get right.

"And above all, respond to all questions regarding a given song's tonal orientation in the following manner: Hell, it don't matter just kick it off!"
-Chris Thile

Posted : 23/02/2007 2:39 am