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i think i put this in the right place...... still relatively new to GN. i have been looking for a while to start an online band. i will do the guitars and can handle drums with EZDrummer. if you would like to add LIVE drums, let me know. im really looking for a singer/screamer and a bass player to do music along the lines of AlterBridge and Breaking Benjamin. of course, we will branch out from that, but i think its a good reference point. i have talked to people who were "interested" but they flaked out. im not looking to rule the world with the music. just have a good time. maybe do an albums worth of songs in a month or so. nothing crazy. i have a bunch of pieces of songs now that i have hit a wall on, so if you play guitar and have writing experience on, thats a plus. go to to get an idea of what i do. its a little older but you will get the jist. let me know. thanks

Posted : 24/05/2011 11:33 pm