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Real time jams - testing

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I found a couple of choices for real time, or semi real time jamming over the internet. I'd like to get some testers and get some feedback from you all for a future article. Any takers? Go ahead and reply here and we'll match up and test.

This one is semi real-time, you'll have to try it to see what I mean....

It provides latency on purpose. It sounds cool though. Ninjam is also available for Mac OSX

This one is pretty good and now in Beta 10:

If you have other software we should consider, please post it.

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I'll be away from my guitars for some days but I might be able to have some free time next week. Hopefully . If so I'll gladly volunteer. 8)

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If there's a beginner level, I might try it. ;)

I'll download the programs tonight (if I remember).

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I downloaded Ninjam. It seems to work okay on my end, but all the "jamfarm" test servers are empty right now.

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Matter of fact, it is possible to jam via MSN/Windows Live Messenger.
A friend in Paris and myself in Stockholm opened a video/sound connection and did a "online" jam.
Hi added a backing track plus his keyboard and I added my guitar. When hi listened the return sound with my guitar added it was no delay between the instruments.The most tricky part was to get all sound levels ok

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