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Vocalist wanted

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Hi everyone,
My name is Adam and im a guitarist/bassist songwritter, with one massive weakness, Lyrics. i can hold a note (not well, but just about) and ive been writing my first EP but i dont have the technical ability to make it a fully fledged Instrumental album.
What I am looking for is someone that would like to work with me to finish my 7 track EP by writing lyrics and singing (must have semi decent recording abilities, no iphone mic's please) i can do all the mixing and sort of mastering at home. i shall post a link to some of my previous work, where i wrote the music.
I'm also open to the Idea of different singers for different songs if you only wanted to be on one song
If you are interested either reply to this post, or message me via the EP's facebook page; (may need to search "Missing world EP" as works pc wont let me double check the link works (may just need to search "shot in the dark" as works pc wont let me double check the link works

Posted : 08/04/2013 10:43 am