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50's Strat

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If everything goes smoothly, I shall have one of these in a few weeks.
I want the Dapne blue.

I am going to trade in my Jackson towards one, I barely ever play it so it spends most of its time in the case, and every guitar should be played in my opinion.
I was finally able to track one down and try it (cept they had it in the seafoam green) at Bestbuy of all places (only $700).
It sounds awesome, especially clean through a 5w fender champ (what I have).

Anyone have experience with these?

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I have this 50s Strat. It is not the same model. When I was buying it I also checked it out. To me it is a good guitar and you will find a lot of fun with it.

BTW, I also have your same amp. 8)