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'57 Commemorative Stratocaster

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I just noticed Fender released the '57 Commemorative Stratocaster.

Looks like it has the exact same specs as the Vintage '57 (correct me if I'm wrong!), but with a neat white & gold finish. Or is there more to it?

I was about to buy the vintage '57, might as well go for this version! Looks a lot like the #0001 strat.

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It's a beauty isn't it?

I'm almost tempted myself.


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It is nice.

With the gold hardware, it looks like the Mary Kay edition.

The differences seem to be the commemorative neck plate,
And, in white blonde, both the regular 57 American Vintage strat and the Mary Kay strat came with an ASH body.
This comes with an Alder body.

Don't know if that matters to you.


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I'm rather happy this version has an alder body. I might just change the pickguard to a gold-coloured one, think it'll look great on the strat.