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Acoustic Guitar

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I have recently started to practice guitar regularly with my electric guitar. But lately I've been thinking about buying an acoustic guitar. I was just wondering if someone could point be in the direction of a decent one, but not over $200.

Any help would be appreciated.

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Usually Yamaha has nice entry guitars. Art & Lutherie is a good brand and you could find some models in that budget. An used guitar could be also good for you.

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I'm afraid not at that price point. Serviceable perhaps. Although lower end guitars have come a long way recently, sub $200 is, well, cheap.

Have you considered used? craigslist has some good deals sometimes. A & L is a good choice.

If you can save another hundred you can get the Seagull S6 Entourage. A fine guitar that will last you for a long time.

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+1 to Yamaha. I also like Alvarez in that price range. I started on a ibanez acoustic in that price range and it was ok too. Either look for a used one or just go to a store with a decent stock and just try out a bunch of them, and buy the one that seems the best to you.

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I bought an Epiphone(Chinese Gibson) PRE-4 Acoustic/Electric pack that came with a Gig Bag, Amp, Picks, extra strings, etc for around $200, I actually quite like the Epiphone although in my opinion (and this could be the way I play) the high E strings rings out a bit too much when I play.

The important thing is that the thing stays in tune for quite a while, the tuning pegs work well, and I've not really needed an adjustment after about 9 months of playing.

Good luck in your hunt!

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I'm not an acoustic guy, but it has been my experience that budget acoustics aren't quite as servicable as budget electrics but you can get something playable for cheap. Not that they aren't in an electric, but I think craftsmanship and materials are important in an acoustic. That said I own a Rouge resonator that sells for under $200. My only other acoustic instrument though is a $400 guitar. I pick up budget acoustics in the music stores and they dont seem to play well to me. Everytime I get one that speaks to me the price tag says put me down!

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i'd definitely look for a used one.

I actually got mine off of ebay (probably a bad idea) - a used Cort Earth 100 with hard case, electronic pickup, capo, strap....for $80!!!

the thing plays great!