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Almost time!!!

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Since Christmas has passed I'm now starting my search for my new guitar. I've been playin for about 3 months now on a cheap acoustic guitar. I think I've made good progress in that time but it's time for a good guitar. I know everyone will say its going to be your personal preference and to play and liusten to a bunch of guitars but I still gotta ask. What would be the best acoustic i can get? I'm going to be able to spend $600. I know its personal preferrence but I'd like to hear from some people that have played different acoustics because I don't trust those sites where the stores have comments and ratings for guitars

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New guitars? At that price there is very little difference in makes. Generally your going to get a solid top and better electronics. You need to decide what size and if you want a cut away or not, after that, just about every company has a $600 guitar. They'll all be pretty good quality, but nothing exceptional or exotic. The epiphone elitist series was very nice at that price but I think they may have been discontinued. Takamini, Yamaha, Guild, Martin and Taylor all have decent guitars around there. Blue ridge and Morgan Monroe make some nice guitars too. I'd stay away from Fender, their acoustics have always been terrible. Washburn I'm sure has something nice there but I don't know their line very well. You can get a guitar for $600 that will last a lifetime if you maintain it right, not an heirloom though - buy what appeals most to you.

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I am partial to Martin myself, I also like ibenez too. There are lots of options, just try to stick with familiar brands so that you know that the sound and feel don't diminish after time due to poor construction and materials. I have a story about that. A friend purchased a new guitar for around $700. It was a no name off brand but sounded great until the bracing started coming loose because of inferior glue. This shouldn't happen though if you buy brands you recognize.

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Seagull S6...-Will always get my vote!

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When it comes to shelling out your hard earned cash, you definitely owe it to yourself to own a guitar that sounds and plays well to you. Having said that, you may consider going to a store that specializes in guitars. A place where you can take plenty of time to play and compare guitars where there isn't a guy playing a 100 Watt Marshall stack ten feet away. I really wished I would have taken more time when I was younger to compare guitars and gear. I would have saved a bundle. Take your time and you'll be thankful you did, my friend.


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i'd try to find a used mahogany martin, but i have fairly specific tastes.

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I had a Yamaha Pacifica (cheap) guitar for a long time. It took a lot of abuse and sounded good. Very affordable.

I'd check out the MIM Strats. Someone said to go to a store and try them out, that's the best advice. Get something that clicks, it's like a relationship :)

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Seagull Coastline S6 Spruce top.