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I currently have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. It's a nice amp, but I am looking for more distortion. I've gone from a classic rock band to a band where I'll be playing heavier and more modern rock (Think 3 Doors Down).

Option one is to get a new amp. I believe I can sell the HRD for about $400, so I am looking for an amp in that price range. I was interested in the Marshall MG100DFX and the Line6 Spider 3 120, but in reading reviews of both, it sounds like they have significant mechanical problems with both lines. Can you recommend an amp in that price range?

Option 2 would be to add some distortion effects to the HRD. Is there a good distortion pedal in the $100 or below range?

Thanks in advance.

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The Satchurator- Joe Satriani's new pedal.
I've head nothing but good things about this new pedal. You may get the sound you are looking for from it. Based on the clips I've heard, this pedal has a great clean tone to it but get nice and nasty as well. Also gives a good range of tone.
The Satchurator

Given your money constraints, this pedal is only $129.00. You could opt to get a good pedal while you search for an amp that suits your needs. Meanwhile , you'll have the (close to) sound you're looking for. If the pedal doesn't give you the tone you want, I'm sure that you'd be able to off load it on eBay with no problems.

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Well, the nice thing about the Hot Rod Deluxe is that it has a very good Clean channel which is excellent for use with pedals.

There are actually many good distortion pedals under $100, there are even some multi-efx pedals that will offer you many various distortions and effects for that price.

My brother gave me a Zoom G1X for Christmas, and it really has some great models of famous distortions, from Classic Rock sounds to very heavy Metal. It is very easy to use and has lots of good features.

Zoom G1X

I have always felt that Zoom has the best distortions, even better than Boss, Digitech, and many other popular brands. And I have seen this same opinion reading reviews from many others. Their modulation effects (chorus, phase) and delays are pretty good too. But their distortions are super IMHO.

This is just one example, but you can find multi-efx pedals like this from many other brands like Digitech. This will get you those Metal tones from your HRD.

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