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Amp Question

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If you can stand another amp question. I had bought the Epiphone Valve Junior half-stack and have had to change where I practice, so I will never (well at least the foreseeable future) be able to crank it to get good tones from it. I have been reading the posts about the VOX AD30VT amp and I know it has a lot of toys on it, but how does it sound without all of the effects? I am also looking at the Marshall MG30DFX and the Behringer GMX212. I want to be able to play clean as well as some distortion. I am attempting to play 70s classic rock, if that helps in the answer. Additional effects would be a bonus. Any thoughts/suggestions?


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Have you thought about getting an attenuator? I've got one on order from Weber.

This would be all you would need for a Valve Junior.

There are also people out there using a home made attenuator based on a light bulb that would also do what you need.
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I have a Weber attenuator that I use with my Valve Jr.. Really allows you to crank the amp but keep volume low. If you look into their attenuators, make sure to get the type with a speaker motor, not the resistive type.

I would also recommend an EQ pedal like the Danelectro Fish and Chips. This will really tighten up the tone of your Valve Jr., especially when really cranked.

Danelectro Fish & Chips EQ Pedal

This is an outstanding EQ pedal everybit as good as other models costing 3 times as much. I use two on my pedalboard, work and sound great.

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