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another question about string guage

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I'm starting to get more interested in playing electric since buying a Crate Palomino for my SG, and I'm wondering why people use such light guage strings for electric?

For me, it's almost impossible to not bend notes and fup intonation on electric---I use .11s. So, I'm asking you folks using .09s or something---why do you use such light strings? I have no trouble bending full steps; I think I'd just snap my strings if I had lighter guage strings for minor third bends, etc.

Any thoughts are very welcome. Thanks.

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a lot depends on the attack you use when strumming or picking, also whether you use a pick or are a fingerstylist.
i switch between 9s and 11s on my strat but i like 12s or 13s on my semi-hollow.
either way it really depends a lot on the style/type of music you play. imo