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Anyone familiar with Websense

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They finally did it. they've activated Websense which I guess is a URL filtering software on the company servers so I am getting blocked from alot of sites and even the ones I can get to like this I get alot of annoying popups that they are blocking what I think are adware stuff that shows up on this site and many others. I also can no longer click on any of the songs posted in Hear Here or links to YouTube as those are blocked.

But I do have a way. I use a laptop at work that also has a broadband card so I just fire up the broadband card and completely avoid our network but I was wondering if any of you computer guys no any other ways around this.

I tried googling for some solutions, one had me go to a trnslation site and then tell it I want to translate a webpage from Spanish to English even though it's already in English but that didn't work. They other way is to use a proxy server which I haven't tried?

Any good hackers out there?

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We use WebSense at work and even though I have domain admin powers on our network, there's sites I can't get to. YouTube makes me use quota time, which I hate, who can only spend 10 minutes on YouTube?

You can use a proxy server (I've had some success w/, but some sites act flaky when you go thru a proxy. I used to use vtunnel to get on MySpace, but now the login process won't work thru proxy.

You laptop is probably your only hope.

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What is the world coming to when a fella can't go to his favorite websites while at work? :roll:

My last job was pretty cool, we were allowed to use the web on breaks, although we couldn't go to porn sites and the like. But we were allowed to go to YouTube or Guitar Noise no problem. But where I work now we are only allowed to use the web if it is strictly business related like ordering parts or obtaining important information like a manual for a piece of equipment.

Anything else and you get to punch out early and never come back. :D

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Heh, I work for Google and they don't make too big a deal out of it. Or anything, for that matter. Just have fun and do whatever you want as long as you get the job done on time. And if you don't, better luck next week. :lol: