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bass for a friend
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bass for a friend

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Hey All,

I guess I've inspired another friend to start playing bass now. We're going to some stores today to look for basses for him. He's completely new to guitar, but not to music (being a tenor/bari sax player). He wants something that will keep him happy for a long time.

i was wondering about a MIM fender standard jazz or precision bass. Would that be good? Also, any other suggestions would be great.


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Fender is fine; check out their Highway One models for a step up.

A used USA-made Peavey gives excellent boom for the buck.

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I have a Peavey Fury IV that totally rocks. They are out of production these days, though. I would suggest he not just buy the first bass he plays. He should try several different brands and styles. They may look similar, but maybe the neck at the nut is slightly wider on some or the neck is shaped differently. There are several factors that can affect the feel on the neck. If he is just starting out, he may only be sitting for a while as he learns. Then if he wants to jam in a band and starts standing to play, the weight of the bass could become a factor, or the weight of the neck vs. the body (what is called neck dipping - when you let go of the neck, it dips toward the ground). Lots to consider.

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Fender Jazz always works.

And as a sax player, he'll understand the bass lines right away.

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Try the Jazz basses first, & pay special attention to the action/angle of strings. I bought one for a friend for a Christmas present & he absolutely complained to no end about the height/angle of the action. We tried having it shimmed, lighter strings, etc., & in the end traded it in for something else.

I personally could have played it, but he felt the action was too stiff for his tastes. To each his own, I guess.