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Best Acoustic for $500

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Hey Everybody,

I may be in the market sometime soon.

For the past 5-6 years, I have been playing a Fender CDE60 - an acoustic/electric with a cutaway. I believe the body is Spruce with a laminate top. When I bought it, it was $300, and included a nice hardshell case. All that really means is that it's probably more like a $200 guitar.

Anyhow, I am starting to notice the shortcomings of this guitar - it sounds acceptable unplugged in my living room, but whether unplugged or plugged into a PA (my normal set-up), it just seems dull and lifeless. No amount of pre-amp battery changes, EQ, or good amplification will fix it. I know the old mantra, that the instrument is the first and most important part of getting a good sound.

However, at the same time, I have a lot of hobbies, and can't pour tons of money into something new. Would buying a guitar in the $500 price range represent any sort of improvement in materials and workmanship? If so, what are your suggestions? I play primarily in church worship, ranging from heavy strumming to softer arpeggiations.

I don't need a cutaway, but an acoustic/electric is a must.

Thanks for the help.

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I'm not sure of the price in $ but the Yamaha APX500-II is a nice guitar.

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In that price range theres some nice Yamahas, Ovations, and maybe Ibanez and Fenders you can get. My best advice would be to head to a guitar center or something near you and try them out for yourself. Honestly everyone has their own taste with guitars when it comes to feel, sound, etc. Finding what works for you is important! Especially when you're shelling out a few hundred bucks for something.