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BIAS and iPad

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Hi there!

I'm new to this forum, but I wanted to see if anyone out there is doing much with the iPad for guitar. I've been using BIAS and JamUp Pro into Auria and Garageband. There seems to be some pretty amazing things happening with iOS and amp modeling and I want to see what other people are experiencing!
Thank! - Jeremy

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Currently I am considering to buy an iRig or similar interface. I was reviewing the applications and it seems there are many good ones. A friend of mine who plays keyboards uses the iPad with a small MIDI keyboard.

Welcome to GN, Jeremy!

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I have an iRig. It is brilliant for practice and recording ideas and demos.
I have bought lots of the in-app purchases too. Loads of amps, cabinets and effects - a very impressive and wide-ranging arsenal. I can quickly make my guitar sound like whatever I so wish, much as you would be able to with a multi-fx, but the interface is a 9.7" screen rather than some complex menu system.

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I use a separate processor (POD HD500 at home, Pocket POD Express when I travel), so I don't need the iPad to simulate guitar amps or effects. However, I do use Anytune Pro+ app to play backing tracks at various speeds. The app is perfect for changing speed of an mp3 file and for EQing a guitar out a bit if I play along with a full song.

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Hi man!

I'm using Ola's Presets at present via Jamup/BIAS