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brice bass

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A friend of mine has been talking about playing bass for 6 months or so, but can't get one for financial reasons. At one point, he has purchased a Schecter Stiletto Custom 4 string (which I thought felt amazing), but he ended up returning it for financial reasons again.

He called yesterday and said that his father would buy him one for christmas for $350 pretax/shipping. He said he would also like a six string. I'm not really sure what the need for a 6 string is, specifically with a beginner, but it's what he wants. I'm supposed to email his father and let him know what to get him so it's a "surprise"

First of all, I feel that this is a horrible idea. I think that he should sit down in a store and try a bunch of them - as I'm sure you would all say the same.

Do any of you have experience with Brice basses? I was considering mentioning this to his father: With this, he could also get a hard case

Also, would you have any other suggestions - 6 string < 350 ?

I've dealt with Rondo and have been very impressed with them in the past.


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I recently bought a bass. I also asked for advices and I received a very good ones. Probably you already read that thread and also other with similar issues.

I remember I also asked for more than 4 strings. Steinar told me that if Jaco Pastorius had enough, a 4 string bass should be enough for a beginner.

I've read that there are problems with the low C string, I mean physical problems due to the vibrations. In fact it vibrates very slow. Sometimes the cheaper bass do not solve those problems efficiently.

No experience with Brice or 6 strings basses.

Good luck!

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I'd send him to Guitar Center and buy the Epiphone Thunderbird. It's on my wish list and I played one the other day and it rocks. It had a $279 price tag on it and I played the Gibson Thunderbird with a $1900 price tag and couldn't feel $1600 worth of difference.

He needs to start with 4 strings. Those extra strings are gonna bump the price up, which means he'll have to get a lower quality bass. He'd be better off buying a better 4 string, learning with it, then trading up to a 6 string. If he starts playing, trust me his first guitar will NOT be his last. Plus, the fretboard on a 6 string is W I D E (or T A L L, depending on how you look at it). If he is a beginner, it will be tough on his hands stretching that far.

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