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I've always wanted to take my guitar out and do a little busking. I actually did Busk once but all I could do was strum the wrong chords to Knocking on Heavens Door as I sung along. I made a whole $4.00 singing the same song over and over again. I did that for two hours before a cop told me I couldn't play for money because I didn't have a permit. I'm wondering what it would be like now that I can play better (and know about permits )

Has anyone else here gone out to Busk? Got any interesting stories to tell of good or not so good experiences? Anyone want to give busking a try but don't know where to begin? Ask a question and maybe you'll get an answer. Let's all talk busking!

If there is anyone who doesn't know, busking is performing on the street for tips.

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I remember the lady who stood there for 20 minutes while I busked in Frankfurt city centre and got a free show of some of my best material.


"Vielen dank"

I'd not long re-seeded the baseball cap, so I was able to see how much she'd put in there:-

One solitary Deutschemark - 30p in English money.

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i've never made much or had much fun doing it. cops and homeless people and drunk kids harass you. people assume you're homeless. i once had a woman try to give me her leftovers. you have to compete with street noise. every once in a while someone cool stops what they're doing to appreciate it, or someone tosses you a big bill, but that's a rarity. it's a huge come down from a cheering crowd. harvard and downtown portland are the only places i've seen buskers have any cooperation from the community, and both of those places are pretty noisy. i just consider it practice time.