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Buying a beginners'...
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Buying a beginners' guitar

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I'm not sure I should admit this, but my ultimate aim would be to play some John Denver songs – he is my dad's favourite and is hardwired into me – so a folksy sound might be fine.

You and your dad have very fine taste in guitar music.,%20John%20-%20Take%20Me%20Home%20Country%20Roads.htm

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Thank you KR2!

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When I was shopping around for my first acoustic, just over a year ago, I made a list of some supposedly good guitars. This was cribbed from various guitar forums, and so on. Anyhow, I came up with this:

Sub £150
Vintage V300, V400
Cort Earth 70, Earth 72

Sub £200
Cort Earth 100, Earth 100R, Earth 102R
Tanglewood TW28STR DLX, TW115S
Crafter D6, D7, GA6, GA7
Vintage V200, V800

I didn't keep links or anything, sorry; it was purely an aide memoire. I may have been a bit of a brand snob and deliberately left off Yamaha! :oops:

Anyway, when shopping - try as many as you can get your hands on. Yes, it will feel embarrassing trying out the couple of chords you know - I was only confident with the open E chord when I first shopped! However, maybe get to a shortlist of guitars, and then get one of the shop assistants to play something on each of them. Then you can try and judge the sound from the audience perspective, too.

Whereabouts in the UK will you be shopping - have you some stores in mind?

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If you look at Yamaha, check out their APX line. I've seen some advertised around the £250 mark, and the series is really good. I don't know if they extend to the sub-£200 category, but it's worth a look.

Excellent call on the APX guitar.
GuitarCenter was having its Labor Day weekend sale.
I went today and looked at some acoustics. The store was very crowded because of the sale and the extended weekend.
I picked up and played about a dozen acoustics.
One of the two I liked best was from the Yamaha APX line . . . I didn't catch the rest of the number.
The other was the Epiphone Hummingbird . . . when I started bumping elbows with other customers, I decided to leave . . . so I didn't try the "electric" part of the electric-acoustics.
I didn't like the way my fingers stuck to the strings though . . . I'm used to my fingers gliding off the D'Adarrios on my electric.

It's the rock that gives the stream its music . . . and the stream that gives the rock its roll.

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