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buying my first electric guitar

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Im looking to buy my first electric guitar, Im not sure of what Im suppose to be looking for though. I don't have a lot to spend but just want one to do the job. I'd like to play punky blues stuff mostly and garage rock. I'll also need to buy an amp too and I don't know anything about them either. Any suggestions?


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I hear that "Vintage" makes good-value electric guitars at reasonable prices. They also seem to make "replicas" (or copys if you will) of the most famous and well-known models today, such as the Les Paul (by Gibson), the Stratocaster (by Fender) and the Telecaster (also by Fender).

The wood type and pick-ups on these models are suppose to give you good bang-for-your-buck. Although I haven´t tried any of the Vintage guitars myself so I can´t give you a first hand review. But you´ll find reviews done by other individuals, as well as Guitar magazines and such online. Look around and see what you find.

Also; go to your local music store (if you have one in the vicinity) and ask them to give you some advice. Most guitar shops sell loads of "beginner" guitars so they´re probably used to these questions.

I would like to give you an advice though, based on my own experience: If you´re confident that electric guitar is the way to go, and that you´ll probably be playing a long time - try to skip the very cheapest models and save a little more if possible, so that you can get a little bit nicer guitar. Usually the wood and pick-ups (which are the main contributors to good sound) will be worth the extra cash. I think you should be able to get a decent sounding - and handling - electric guitar for about 400 USD.

Oh yes; if you like any Gibson model - check out Epiphone, which is a company that sells both budget-models as well as more expensive copys of the original Gibson models - and they´re usually very price-worthy! (I think the Epiphone company nowadays is actually owned by Gibson.) I used to own an Epiphone Les Paul that I really liked! (As I said - you´ll find expensive Epiphones as well, but they do have a wide range in prices, with some beginner-friendly models that give great value.)

Also check out the used-market - there are often tons of guitars online on auction sites and what nots, so it might prove well worth your time. But that might require that you bring a friend who knows a bit about electric guitars, so that you don´t get ripped of somehow.

I don´t know that much about amps so can´t advice you here. But check online and with music stores for advice.

Good luck! :wink:

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Good answer from Staffan-

I'd only add- post as many details here as you'd like, and the recommendations will get more specific. What players/bands/songs do you like the sound of?

Also, look around online- what guitars do you like the look of?

And, of course- how much, approximately, are you going to spend?

For what it's worth, my usualy recommendation for a first, new electric guitar is usually a Yamaha pacifica, Squier fat stratocaster, or similar. This article might help a bit:

Another site worth checking out is Rondo Music. If you have to order online, a good place for decent guitars at good prices.

I'm a strong advocate of buying used, though- I play with a band, and my gear is as good as anybody I see out- but I've never paid more than 200-400 for an instrument. Used rocks- if you're willing to do a lot of shopping around.