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Canada's greatest electric guitarist

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My favorite Bachman piece is BTO's Blue Collar -- a surprise genre-bender from that band.

Impulse purchased a re-issued Guess Who hits CD recently. Always loved that stuff as well.

I figured "Looking Out For Number One" was their most off-beat song, but I don't know if Bachman was the main guitarist on that one.

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My Fave is Frank Marino although Pat Travers has his moments.

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I always loved Randy's thick tone on No Time by The Guess Who.

Randy knows something that few guitarists understand.... playing slow can Rock!

If you know something better than Rock and Roll, I'd like to hear it - Jerry Lee Lewis

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Lenny Kravitz, eat your heart out :P Randy Bachman is defiantly up there, but Neil Young is still my favorite Canadian Guitarist. I didn't say he was the best though, just my favorite. :wink:
BTW did anyone notice how he had his strat modified (the pick-ups and the Tele switch).

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