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Case for a 3/4 scal...
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Case for a 3/4 scale mini strat?

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Well my daughter's school is starting a music program this summer, and she is starting to take lessons. [YEA!!! ] She has had her little Mini strat for a few years [Hello kitty... doesnt sound half bad!! ] but its hung out on a stand, and never went anywere with her. Well now traveling to lessons I need to get her a case for it. Squire [fender..] makes a gig bag for them, but I would really like to find her a case for it instead. I poked around, and could not find any, so just wondering if you all might know if there is any out there. Not looking to spend a ton of money.... but would like something a little tougher for a 11 year old to carry other then a gig bag. Thanks!

Paul B