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Child's guitar - advice

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So... my 6.5-year old daughter has requested a guitar for Christmas. Says she's serious about learning to play. She's already doing and enjoying drum lessons. And very much enjoys the film School Of Rock. And Katy Perry music [shudder]. And likes singing... You get the picture.

Anyway, I'm after opinions/advice as to what would be a suitable guitar — budget is only $50-100. I'm probably going to go for 3/4 size rather than 1/2 as it will last her longer.

One man who knows about these things suggests going with a nylon strung acoustic — easier on the fingers. But part of me thinks that she'd be more excited by an electric. (I have amplification covered already...)


What would you opt for, assuming that she's actually going to learn this thing, rather than just play/pose with it?
Any brands you can recommend?
Any brands you'd suggest avoiding?

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The 3/4 size nylon string guitar is the way to go - small outlay, easier on the fingers, the notes are all in the same place, it'll last her until she's about 12 and you can see how serious she is about it before you fork out decent money for an electric. You don't get many 3/4 size electrics either - a couple of my 7 and 8-year old students turn up with full-size electrics and not only can they not reach the end of the neck but they can't press down hard enough to fret the notes.

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