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you remember when you had air in your head?

I aquired the song,"Have You Seen the Stars Tonight?" & went back in time. I probably haven't heard it since 1972 but have thought of it when I looked at the stars.....that I'm sure.

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Ummmm ... still do. :lol: I was around in 1972 as well, but not sure I know the song. :?

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Jefferson Starships first album. doesn't have the legs it used to have, but I still like it.
the Baby in the tree song is cool. I like the concept of the album. these last eight years have had me thinking of hijacking a space shuttle.

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Let's see....1972...

I was 9 yrs old. Wanted to learn how to play guitar and become a gunslinger and take over the music world....I'm 44 now. Still want to learn how to play the guitar. :?

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Love me do ?

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so, is this thread about 1972, remembering old songs, or being an airhead?


1972. wow. That's the year I saw (and met) Alice Cooper. Billion Dollar Babies tour. what else matter could matter?

remembering old songs. I just got a few old cds. Donovan's Greatest Hits, Doobie Brothers "Toulouse Street", Tears For Fears "Songs From the Big Chair", John and Yoko "Double Fantasy", and since we're going to see them next month, my wife has been on a Van Halen kick and has gotten "VH II", "Women and Children First", "Diver Down" and "1984". And... I finally found Marvin Gaye's "Here, My Dear". Donovan brought back a ton of memories, and it was interesting finally hearing "There Is A Mountain", the song from which The Allman's "Mountain Jam" is based. Doobie Brothers "TS" put me in a Winnabago traveling to North Carolina, first hearing to it on an 8 track. Tears... working in Dallas. Dull exhistance the early 80's was for me. "Double Fantasy"... my wife just started crying. The Marvin Gaye is a must for all R&B fans. I don't have time to go into the story.,_My_Dear

Am I an airhead. Definately. Love it. :lol:

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This thread is about....

being outside & looking up at the stars & having that song go through my head.....

"Have you seen the stars tonight? Would you like to go up on the deck & look at them with me?"

I wish a had a nickel for everytime I thought that, all these years........

I guess it's what I consider the air in my head.

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I remember '72 very well. Up and down year. Started off in Vermont, moved to Virginia and then back to Vermont. Musically speaking, It's the first time I heard American Pie, Hey Good Looking and Band On The Run. Nothing but AM radio stations in Vermont at the time. Had ear surgeries early in the year, so I never really heard music before.

I was only 7, but I remember so much from that year beyond the music, but I'll stick to that.

I *think* Exile On Mainstreet came out that year, but I would not have even heard of it for a good decade. Had to move to Upstate New York to get decent FM stations that I could get consistently.

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If we're talking about the feeling you get from looking up at the stars, I'd think it should be space in your head.

I know the feeling well, but not the song.

One night I was out on the deck with my then 4 year old daughter looking up at the sky. I pointed to Jupiter, Mars and Saturn and said "Isn't that cool? We can see 3 planets!" She said, "Daddy, we can see FOUR planets. We're standing on one."

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