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Epiphone SG?

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hi im roman955 and have about 120$ saved up and currntly own a fender squire strat Whihe on black. I am trying to save 150$ for an ephiphone SG since i fell in love with my friends Gibson SG but cant afford the Gibson, so is the ephiphone worth the buy? i want a good sounding, and cool looking guitar and ust wanted to check with the people at Gn so plz tell me if the Ephiphone is a good buy and if its not, plz tell me what would be a good buy. I have been playing for about 7 weeks.

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Truly, you need to go play them.

You need to use a strap and put one on. They have a different feel that most guitars I've tried.

SG's get huge raves here. And I've owned EPI's with no disappointments whatsoever. (I, too, can't afford the Gibs) :oops:


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I own an Epi SG. It is the G-400 Custom, in antique ivory. That is one of their top of their SG line, most expensive model. It is beautiful. After I replaced the pickups, I like it better than the 2 Gibson SG Standards I used to own. It plays very well, looks great and gets compliments. It is quite neck-heavy, so listen to Bish and try them with a strap.

I have also played other G-400 models, and they also feel pretty good. They do fairly well versus a Gibson SG, at a much lower price.

The $150 cheapest SGs will probably disappoint you. Sorry to say it, but at that price, it will not come close to measuring up to your expectations, if you are going to compare it to a Gibson SG. BUT, the only way to know for sure is to go check them out at the store.

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How do the G400s compare to the Tokai USG35s?

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Make sure you get the G-400 and not the the cheaper 310.The 310's not a very good guitar.

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I got the G400 limited gold colored one from M123 on clearance for $199. It is awesome. Look for the deals, but I'd definitely agree to get the 400 series. I had one of the specials and it just ended up being a poorly made waste of money. If you only have $150 - $200, then there are better guitars to get than the Epiphones in that price range.

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the MF near me in KC is building a new store/warehouse and they are unloading all the stuff they can to save them from moving it all.
anyhoo they had an epi SG special for only $80 and the only thing wrong with it was the input had fallen into the cavity.
it seemed really light but the neck was really nice and it looked great.


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I'm a real big fan of the G-400. A very solid guitar, all around great axe. It's a good price, and while it's not a Gibson it's certainly nothing to stick your nose up at. It's common belief that Gibsons quality has been sliding while the more high end Epiphones have been rising.

Alot of people buy the G-400 for its affordiblilty, and then swap pickups/electronics, and sometimes the bridge and tuners. It may seem like a fair bit of work, but it can be done fairly cheap, and quickly, and it makes a huge difference.

If you've got a small budget, try local pawnshops, classifieds, maybe even guitar stores and ebay for a used one in decent shape.


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Get a nice Epi, and maybe replace the pickups. Don't get a cheap one, it's a waste of time and money

I own an Epi SG for my main guitar, and I'll have it for years to come


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