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Epiphone Sheraton II

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Hi everyone... I've been jonesin' for a semi-hollow guitar for a while. No real reason, just felt like I'd like to try one out. I was originally looking at a Hamer Echotone, but those are hard to come-by and rather plain... I'm still eyeing a Hamer, but recently I saw that Epi Sheraton II's are selling used for around $400. They are plenty pretty guitars. Anyone here own one? What do you think? The reviews on Harmony Central appear to be pretty solid. I think they might still be making these in Korea. Just thought I'd get some feedback from the people "in the know" here at GN.

I'd be running her through a Traynor YV40.


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good guitars. I like 'em better than the ES335, and would consider dropping a P94 (humbuckersized P90) into the neck position to retro the tone a bit -- or maybe better, that new SD three-way that does versions of alnico SC, P90 and HB all in one HB-sized pup. Link:

... unless I could find a Sheraton with the original dual mini-HB configuration. 8)

but I digress -- good guitars.

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