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Eric on later with ...
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Eric on later with Jools Holland

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There was a programme on a week or 2 ago on the BBC, legends with Jools Holland or somethink like that, Eric Clapton was on with a Fella on Piano that i think he played with in the 70's, they did a song called "Southen gentleman"/"guitarman", Does anyone know the proper name? or a cd with this song on, it was fantastic, also said they only rehearsed it once before filming, And slowhand came from a slowhand crowd clap while eric changed strings on stage. (Thats gonna lead to a new topic)..

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The track's called "Southern Gentleman" and the pianist in question is Bobby Whitlock, who played with EC in Derek and the Dominos, and before that in Delaney and Bonnie's backing band. Should give you enough info to "git googlin'!"

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Love that show. Since my hi def tv blew up I've not been able to watch it. Although, I sometimes have slight trouble understanding Jools. Especially when he does the interviews.

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