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Favorite Black Sabbath song?

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Symptom of the universe - any song that tells me the 700th unicorn is waiting in the sky - not the 701st or the 699th bit precisely the 700th unicorn :D

Cool riff - Iommi at his best

Or theres also supernaught, war pigs, iron man, sabbath bloody sabbath, children of the grave, the wizard, black sabbath - this is too difficult (I'll have to go an listen to Sabotage to calm down a bit)

I may not be very good, but I just love it

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symptom of the universe is freakin sweet! I'm playin it now and the walls in my apt are shaking good thing no one around is home!

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I don't know why it's my favorite but i've always really liked Hand of Doom, i really like the long build up and the different phases the song goes through.

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Nativity In Black



"That’s what takes place when a song is written: You see something that isn’t there. Then you use your instrument to find it."
- John Frusciante

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