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favorite guitar tones

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i'm sure it's been done to death, but i'm gonna do it, too.

hendrix strat
neil young black lp
jimmy page tele and lp
duane alman slide lp
jeff buckley electric
keef tele
billy corgan lp?
ellen degen... i mean eric johnson strat
matthew sweet ?
trey anastasio strat?
george harrison various
srv strat

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Joe Pass' L5 through a polytone amp . . .

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I think it works better if you give a song. Hendrix had quite some different tones in his strat...

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Eric Clapton's new tone with his strat, that really beefy sound that isn't strat like at all...

Townshend's strat sound

Slash's Les Paul

Clapton's SG (woman tones)

Brian May's creamy sound

BB King's Gibson Lucille, live.incredible.

Carlos Santana's PRS, but mostly his sound in this live recording I have of Black Magic Woman.

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well, i guess any of his intense blues-based tones, although i like that "little wing" cleaner stuff, too. i guess i'm just talking about the ones that jump at you...
but anyway, i'd say most of the others have fairly consistent sounds.

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Boston - Tom Sholz
Collective Soul
38 Special

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I love Slash's tone. Obvious choice maybe, but meh. There's a lot of others I really like too (James Dean Bradfield's, most of Dave Mustaine's), but I prefer Slash's by a mile. - Guitar Chord/Scale Finder/Viewer

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Roger McGuinn's compressed Rickenbacker tone.

Joe Satriani's super-smooth high-gain sound.

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Ya know who's sound and playing I like that I almost never see talked about here is Peter Frampton, I like some of the stuff he did, nice sounds :)

Black Hole Sun cover


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Slash's sound on Sweet Child Of Mine has to be way out there ahead of anything, although Brian May's sound on the solo to "White Man" is my usual target whenever I'm playing with a new piece of kit. For absolute, big, fat sounds, I still don't think you can beat Alex Lifeson. The Edge comes up with some good fat-sounding stuff though, especially on "Pride (in the name of love)"


A :-)

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Love Pete Townsend's Summer Time Blues tone - SG with p90s through a HiWatt?

Johnny Winter, the And Live album - Jumpin Jack Flash - probably the Firebird (with those mini-buckers) through a 70s Marshall

Brian Setzer's 50s gritty-clean tone. His playing is incredible too, on just about everything he does.

That one feedbacky track by (I think) George Harrison in It's All Too Much; right in the beginning there where it goes right off into feedback. Stratocaster maybe?

B.B. King on those live albums (likeTaso mentioned) where you know he's playing real loud!

Tom Scholtz - what a great underrated player.

Steve Howe - that thin whiny, buzzy/fuzzy sustainy sound he gets for certain lines he plays. His steel guitar tone is really terrific too. I actually don't like his classical guitar tone that much.

Santana before he got too creamy/sustainy/PRS-ey. The rawer sounding stuff from the first albums I enjoy more.

Neal Schon sound in Journey

Randy Hansen playing Hendrix - pretty amazing tone.

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I love the harmonized Boston sound. Along the same lines I love the Iron Maiden Strat sounds.

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Billy Gibbons on his Pearly Gates LP
Brian May (Red Special) on Killer Queen
Amos Garrett's 'Oasis Sound' (as on Midnight at the Oasis
Kim Simmon's (ES335) on Tell Mama
Jeff Skunk Baxter on My Old School
Larry Carlton (ES335) on Kid Charlemagne
Joe Walsh Hotel California (studio version), Turn to Stone, Funk 49
Jeff Beck (Strat) on Goodbye Porkpie Hat, Angel (Footsteps)
Johnny A (LP) on Oh Yeah!

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Love Peter Green's tone from the Bluesbreakers and Fleetwood Mac.

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I like Satriani's Ibanez, especially the JS1000. I know he uses every tone under the sun, but it just seems to me like he makes every tone his own and really tweaks it. His new stuff is the best

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