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Favorite Songs with three to Four Chords

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Know some. Any takers?

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Any Green Day songs, heck any punk songs really.

And a couple of staind songs, that i can think of is Excess Baggage and Epiphany. Excess Baggae has like 4 chords you pick thru and Epiphany has 3 that you strum through.

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A couple ones I've went through recently...

Give a Little Bit by Supertramp

Night Moves by Bob Seger

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I would have said Green Day too...

Another huge category is of Country Songs.Eg. songs by John Denver, Alan Jackson etc.

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A ton of songs come to mind, but I think my favorites to play would be a few old Stones tunes. Let It Bleed, You Can't Always Get What You Want, etc.

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Tons of great songs have only three or four chords. Right now i'm brushing up on Fake plastic Trees a beautiful song.