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Feed back on Gibson faded SG?

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I was wondering what every ones opinion was on the faded sg, I am considering that and mim finder hss strat as my first electric. I am going to play blues and rock for the most part. Any advice would be awesome. Thanks!

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I personally play a SSS strat but I really dig what the SG can do in a blues setting. Just listen to Derek Trucks' tone. Im not entirely sure you can beat it.

Honestly, play whichever you like better.

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SGs have always been my 'I ant one guitar'. I love the sound and the looks. the fret board feels wide
but it plays like a dream.
be sure to look at a lot of of them. IMO the quality in workmanship varies a lot. look close and compare.
you'll see one that looks better built than the others. plug that one in.