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Fender Nashville power tele?

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I'm not sure where to post this, but I am a beginner so I thought why not here, anyway here it goes: currently the only guitar I have is an Indonesian made Fender Squier Strat (at least thats what it says up by the tuning pegs), I bought at a local music store with a small fender frontman 15g amp for like $150 or something. At first It's been ok but in the first few months of this year I purchased a 1537 Ovation acoustic, playing the 1537 feels so much better and easier than my Strat electric so I was thinking about getting something. To me it just has a cheap feel, I've also never changed the action or string height or whatever its called.
My local Craigslist has a Fender Nashville Power Tele, so I was wondering a few things, this should be a good step up from the Strat right? The price is double what I paid for strat w/ amp. I was also wondering about the differences in tone, my guitar teacher plays a custom made tele that someone made for him and all the shows I've seen him play it I like all his songs. I've also been using some learn to play dvds where sometimes the guy uses the piezo pickups on an Ernie Ball Music man axis super sport guitar and I noticed the Nashville Power Tele has piezo pickups also would be a huge plus if I can get the kind of acoustic like sound this guy is getting in the video.

Any comments or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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A good 'set up' by a qualified (YMMV!) luthier - to suit your playing style - is a worthwhile investment on any guitar regardless of price. I'd say... go play it - and if it truly "speaks" to you - buy it. IMO, every guitar is different even among identical models built the same day. I'll caution you that sometimes it takes a lot of restraint to sort out the ones you want - from the ones you can't live without. I have some of each! :mrgreen:

Good luck with your decision!