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Finding a Great Drummer?

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Why is it so hard to find a great drummer. Sure I can find people who can play drums. But they don't understand how to play the song and play simple and in the pocket.

What up?

Rick Honeyboy Hart

"It's about tone, taste, and technique... in that order."

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I've been playing for several decades now and I've played with many good drummers and three great drummers. We've grown up, chased dreams, traveled the world, been divorced gone to rehab and everything else, but I always know where they are and how to get a hold of them. Its a numbers game. You play with a lot of people, you play good music, you'll connect. Great drummers ALWAYS have great taste in music and diverse interests, if your playing rock covers in a pub outfit your not going to meet a lot of talented drummers. They're a different animal. Do you know what it takes to be a great drummer? Some intellect, some experience but mostly, parents who absolutely do not care about the neighbors what so ever and very little supervision during the formative years. Therefore great drummers are in great bands, busy studios... or jail.

Dan Lasley
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And don't forget the ladies... At least 3 of the best drummers I've played with have been female.

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The best place to find a good drummer ...try talking to the person at the music store who is looking St different style tribal drums, bodrams, or other type of drum you won't find on a drum set. A lot of these guys are good drummers who are bored with the standard set and are branching out.

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find a local drum circle. some of them are invariably kit drummers.