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For fans of Disrael...
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For fans of Disraeli Gears and Cream

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This is a really cool show that was on the BBC (looks like it was very recently made after the NY Cream reunion shows) about the Disraeli Gears album. About 50 minutes long. Lots of interviews with Clapton, Baker and Bruce. They all play a bit while talking about the songs. They pretty much discuss each song, the recording process, little bits of trivia, etc. Very, very interesting for fans of the album and the band in general. youtube rocks.

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Thanks Stormy. I'll have to check it out when I have a bit more free time. Sounds cool though.


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Sweet video, thanks a lot!

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I taped the programme (VHS) when it was shown on the BBC, also taped the Cream reunion concert, Live from the Albert Hall, which followed - still trying to figure out how to convert them to DVD....

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