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Frisell be thy name...
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Frisell be thy name...

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I've heard his name for a while, but I'm just starting to get into him. I was just wondering who around here appreciates the man's work. I've been really inspired lately by his ambient solo performance stuff.

Here's a sample:

Good stuff.

King Harvest has surely come.

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I haven't heard a lot of him but what I have heard I love, and the video you linked to is no exception.

I have one album by him, "Good Dog, Happy Man", and another that he plays on, Viktor Krauss' "Far From Enough". Both worth listening to and imbued with that really unique Frisell sound. As it happens, Viktor Krauss plays Bass on "Good Dog, Happy Man". Also, on "Far From Enough" Allison Krauss (Viktor's sister, as it happens) sings "Big Log" which is a treat.

After I first heard "Good Dog, Happy Man" I was trying to describe it to somebody, and the description was something along the lines of the sound having some country and some blues and some folk and some bluegrass and some rock and some jazz but as a whole being none of those things, but instead something that I could only describe as "American music"."

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that's Bill Frisell. pretty amazing musician. hear him once and the next time he'll be doing something different...but equally as good.