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Hand Crafted In China Guitars

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I have an Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar, which is hand crafted in China, and I'd like to ask if this is a problem (since most people say that China instruments are not that good).

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I'm not voting, cause it's really hard to generalize.

If you already have the guitar, then ask yourself. Is it good?

Does it sound good? Feel good? Look and feel like it will last? Any blemishes to the finish?

Some people talk nonsense about where a guitar was made, but a guitar is a guitar.

If it's good, it is. No matter where it came from.

For the record, one of my bandmates has a made in China Epi LP standard, and it is lovely. Great LP sound, a good look, nice action. Feels really "quality." I don't know if they're all like that, or if some are worse (or better?).

I'm currently living in Korea, so we see a LOT of stuff made in China. They are putting out some cheap, badly made guitars. They're also putting out some incredibly good guitars.

Hope you got the right one!


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I'll agree with Ande. I've played some very, very high end guitars, "Hmmm, would I like a nice new car, or would I like this guitar?" And I wouldn't buy them if they were included as part of a happy meal. I've played Blueridge entry level guitars that I thought were incredible values and fantastic guitars.

I've play a Collings OM1A and a Breedlove Northwest that were more than $3000 new, and I play a 1974 Epiphone FT550 that was $235 new. (okay, so with inflation that one isn't so cheap either, but I bought it for $100)

The important thing is to find one that suits you. When you get up and play some amazing guitar solo, or wow them with your rhythm chops, no one is going to ask you, "What country is your guitar made in?"

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I have a Epiphone Les Paul Standard. It was my first electric guitar. Currently I am playing it a lot.

It sounds different to other guitars but it doesn't mean it sounds worse than other guitars. Tone is relative and your fingers are part of it.

On quality. No complains, just a minor one with a volume knob. I solved it in just five minutes (I have some complains about my Fender that I have not solved yet.)

Each instrument is different.

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My ESP was made in China, and I really like it :D

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Epiphone built that factory specifically for its own production. I would think that the quality would be pretty good.

There are guitars that are thrown together and have "hand-crafted in China" on them. Then, again, there are guitars that are made closer to home that are not worth using to clear snow, let alone play.

Its not where it's made, it's how it's built that counts.

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If the quality is bad, blame the name on the headstock. the company that commissions manufacturing (and maybe even design) in China is in complete control of choosing the factory, as well as verifying design specs, materials, factory processes and procedures and overall quality controls. If the design, workmanship and overall quality is good, credit everyone involved: marque holder (name company), manufacturer, distribution … , as it takes good work by all to do it correctly. (tho the bottom line is this: marque holder is primarily responsible no matter what)

BTW, just because Epiphone builds a factory does not mean quality will be good.

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