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Haven't had GAS in ages but…

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I think this is going to be a reward when…sorry…if my case settles.

I'm always worried about signature models because it feels weird playing songs outside that artist. It's weird I know.

I've been looking for a light guitar. My back isn't what it used to be since the car crash and this one is lighter than my Jag.

Anyone have opinions on mustangs?

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Looks like a interesting guitar no matter whose name is on it.

Paul B

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Did he actually ever play one like that? With a stripe? Just wondering because I was big into Nirvana......

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If you want a light guitar with plenty of sounds, try a Parker DF524.

I have one and am getting another (custom with different pickups).

What do I like about it?

  • Light weight - about 5 pounds

  • Contoured and balanced - you don't hold it, you almost wear it - extremely comfortable

  • Graph-tech nut and bridge - no string binding anywhere

  • Straight string path from Sperzel tuners to the bride with the slight exception of the slight headstock angle - this guitar stays in tune even better than my guitars without a whammy bar

  • Ebony fretboard and hardened Stainless Steel frets - bending is like a warm knife through butter

  • 14" Neck radius - my favorite, no fretting out while bending

  • 25.5" scale - makes playing high on the neck easier

  • Master volume near right hand for easy access while playing

  • Pickups S-S-H/S plus a piezo under the bridge - great variety of excellent sounds
  • And great customer service too!

    I'd post some pictures, but this forum restricts pix size to 600 pixels, and I don't have any that small :(

    I don't work for or have any monetary connections with Parker - but I love their guitars and service.

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    my first electric guitar was a Mustang. it was a 65'. and the year I got it was 65.
    I liked the guitar. it didn't seem heavy. for my newbie fingers the guitar neck and frets felt good. after a few years the little switches started to cut in and out. I sold it eventually for an acoustic twelve string.

    if you can, go to a store and try one out. it is the best way to determine which guitar is right.