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Help choose beginner guitar

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Hello everyone

For some time I wanted to learn how to play a electric guitar (and of course wanted to play it). I looked up some beginner guitars and I want to know which one to choose so I can know how much money i have to gather. Could you rank these 6 guitars from the best to the worst? These were my picks:

Squier Strat
Epiphone G 310 BK
Yamaha Pacifica
Epiphone Les Paul II Special

These 2 come with a small amp and some gear, but I can presume they play horribly (not that I can now tell the diffrence, but I`m counting the future when I will learn more and gather cash for a better guitar):

Epiphone Pack Les Paul Junior
Harley Benton HBST Blackset

Thanks for the help

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I'm can't rate them all as I haven't tried them all, but I would rate the Yamaha Pacifica ahead of the Squier Strat, they are both good for beginner guitars. I don't like the Epi LP II special.


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Go and play them all, and pick the one that feels best for you. Make sure it's comfortable in your hands, you don't have to press down on the strings too hard, and you like the look of it. At this stage, perfect tone or sounding exactly like clapton is not what you really want, as long as it stays in tune, and is relatively easy to play, you can't go wrong. Down the track, when your ear develops (along with your style and technique!) you can treat yourself to a much nicer guitar. But i really believe feel is the most important thing at this stage.

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welcome to the forum. all those guitars are ok for starters. each have there strong and weak points.
go and try them out for feel. sure you can't play yet, but pick the guitar that fits your hands. you'll know.
then fiddle with the knobs making sure they work and have a good solid feel. then slide your hand up an down the neck. is it smooth? or do you feel nothing but sharp ends from the metal frets.?
how do the tuners feel? do they turn smoothly or do they grab and turn hard?those kinds of details are good.
and dont forget to have the store where you buy the guitar set the thing up.
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I would advise against the Squier strat as a starter guitar.
I just started 4 months ago with one and I just bought another last week to replace the Squier because it was just too hard to play. Mostly because of the close spacing of the strings.
I found a guitar that is very easy to play. An Ibanez GAX70.
You might want to check out some of the guitars in the Ibanez line.

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All good guitars to start with as well as the Ibanez GAX70. As advised above, find one that feels good in your hand.

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I haven't tried alot to make the comparisons, but I'd have to say Ibanez for most beginners on a budget.

The GAX would be worth the money foresure, but i'd go for an Ibanez Jet King1 (coil taps,almost like have 2 gtrs in 1) or maybe an AM73(very well made,later on you could upgrade the pickups & really have a keeper).
They are well made & smooth playing, I own both.Depends what type of playing you'll be wanting to do too.

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I own the epiphone special II it sounds ok, but seems pretty cheaply made. I've had it for slightly under a year and have already had to resoder some of the connections which came loose and replace some screws that fell out. I swear I'm not doing anything crazy with it. :oops: