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Help me with a set list?

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Hey guys.
A friend of mine in Spain wants to start a band and play around bars and pubs for cash. I can play guitar and sing lots of songs, but this would have to be targeted at a holiday groups of mostly British/Irish people, as well as expats over the age of 60.
This is a list of songs that I can play which I believe would be worth playing, a mix of oldies with newer hits. What do you think of it?

-How Deep is Your Love?
-The Bad Touch
-How to Save a Life
-Tiny Dancer
-Your Song
-New Shoes
-I'm Yours
-Stolen Dance
-Viva La Vida
-Little Talks
-Mrs. Robinson
-Rolling in the Deep
-Last Request
-Under The Bridge
-Swing Life Away

I think what I'm missing are songs from older generations and this is where I need the most help and suggestions. And possibly other songs which are instantly recognizable? I'd need about 45 songs in total.

EDIT: Made set list into a list.

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look at the early 1950's artists;
Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, the Crickets, Bill Haily and the Comets for a start.