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Hey guys. I am want...
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Hey guys. I am wanting to find a good acoustic guitar that f

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Hey guys. I am wanting to find a good acoustic guitar that frets as easy as possible and has good sound. I have "tinkered" with guitar my whole life I guess. I started taking lessons around the age of 6 and stuck with it for a year or so. I then put it down for a long time and picked it back up a little in college and quit again. Recently, I got on the "kick" again and bought an electric that I have been enjoying and learning a great deal on. I really enjoy the electric for the ease of fretting and play, but I also feel like it is pretty pointless for a "bedroom" guitar player to have to drag out all of this equipment to play the guitar for a while. I have found that while I like the crunch and metal sounds of an electric, I really prefer to play music & songs that sound better on an acoustic guitar. I completely understand that acoustics by nature require more hand strength and force to make chords sound best, but I also know that all guitars aren't created equal and that some just naturally fret and sound better than others. What I am probably going to do is sell my electric rig to fund the new acoustic purchase. I would like to spend between $500-1000 on the acoustic and would love some recommendations on what guitars would fit serve my needs best. Keep in mind, this guitar is not for performing, I play pretty much for my own enjoyment (and my wife and daughters on occassion) and that is it. Rarely do I play with anyone else so I really don't need to cream of the crop (which I know my price range probably want buy anyway). Thanks for you help and suggestions.

One more thing, I would prefer a thinner neck since I have small hands. I really love the Ibanez prestige necks for those of you that have played any of their electric guitars. Thanks

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Hi whitlecj, welcome to GN. I don't know where you live, but you should go to your nearest guitar shop and play a lot of them to see what feels right to you. In the price range you mentioned, you will have a whole lot of options. Good luck.


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Posts: 493 Denny said.....go try......and remember the ones you try will most likely have a heavier string if they feel good in the shop,fit some ultra light strings and away you go....but watch your callouses dont go away lol :lol:

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I have an Epiphone Masterbilt (DR-500M) and I love it (I have small hands, too). Great tone and a bold volume. Easy to play. Very happy with it. It's in your price range, too. I think it retails around $500-600. Before you buy something, at least try to play one of these.

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I have a Takamine 6-string. I don't have it with me, so I can't tell you the model. Love it. I bought it used, but many times guitars are over stocked and then stamped and sold as used with out being used. It smelled like a brand new mobile home.

I've been drooling over a Seagull Acoustic I saw at a store recently. You know, most guitars you pick up a nd hit a chord and hear it. This one about knocked me out of the chair. It didn't just go "D-major", it went "D-MAJOR!!!" It more like sang than sounded. Not kidding. There a really good brand for the money. They smell good, too (ok, it sounds weird, but I "smell" acoustic instruments). :lol:

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As Denny says, go to a shop and try every last acoustic that's in your budget. You'll know when you find it :wink:

I don't know if you can find a Stagg dealer where you are, but that's what I ended up with when I did the above, and my criteria where the same as yours. The advice above still holds, of course, but it might be worth your while to try and include the model I've got as we're so close in our proirities and I'm so happy with it :wink:

It's a fantastic neck, feels closer to an electric than an acoustic and it's got a gorgeous tone both plugged and unplugged. It's not as loud acoustically as others, but that doesn't bother me. I'll take tone over volume any day, especially when it's still a good tone when plugged in. It was £150 (so about $300), and it was a mile better than anything up to about twice the price, IMHO. Have a look at if you're interested, it's the A2006 (an Ovation knockoff with the funky soundholes), about halfway down the 5th page of electro-acoustic guitars category.

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You might take a look at a Breedlove Atlas series acoustic. I bought one a few months back and love it. They run in the $500-$1000 range you're talking about and are pretty great guitars.

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It's at the top end of your range, but I'd recommend the Martin 15 series guitars. I own a D-15, and it's just a stellar guitar for me.

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You can't go too far wrong with a Martin and there are some for $1,000 and less.

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I agree... it's all about tone and touch. Go touch a few..i've played good guitars of several brands and differant woods. Alverez,Epiphone,Fender,Ibanez,Yamaha, have some good cheaper models. I you want spend more for a high quality,Gibson,Taylor,Martin,Takamine, not to say the others don't make higher end guitars also.


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I really like Seagulls. They have introduced a thinner neck to their S series guitars. I also second the Breedlove recommendation. If you want an easy to fret guitar, don't forget the value of a good setup. Even expensive guitars often come with high strings since it is easier to lower the string height on an acoustic than it is to raise it.

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A bunch of good ones suggested so far

I'd check out high end Washburns, especially early 90's solid models. Lightning fast neck and great tone.

New you should include Blueridge in your search. I was throughly impressed with them at the store.

Just a bit outside your price range but well worth the extra savings is the Parker P8e. I love mine.

Have you considered just buying yourself a Roland Mini-cube or a Crate Taxi? That and an acoustic emulator that straps on your belt and you can take your electric with you anywhere.

Or in your price range, get the Mini-cube, a Schecter E1A and a Korg Toneworks Acoustic. I do that sometimes. The Schecter has a nice piezo built in and it plays well.