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Well nobody asks and nobody cares about how long I've been playing so it hasn't been an issue but I can see where if some one asked me and I told them I'd been playin for X years they might expect more which might make me feel a little insecure and might make me tell them I'd been playing less than I actually have..if that made other words yes I might do that if asked..

gnease, that is like musical blasphemy!!! But you are right about seeing someone the 2nd or 3rd time. I always wonder about these kids I see at GC, shredding away it sounds great but now that I think about it they usaully do the same thing over and over so for all I know the can't play anything more than the riff the play.

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I have absolutely no idea how long I've been playing guitar. I tinkered around with whatever when in middle/high school, bought my first tunable guitar at 20, started playing bass at 24, gave it all up at 29, started playing again at 29 1/2, bought the Sheraton 3 years ago (I think) and the Strat a month ago.

How long have I been annoying people? That's easy...35 years!

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When asked if I play I generally respond: "I attempt to."

What's really embarrassing is having people over and they see my rather expensive guitars and my lackluster ability to play said guitars. I can almost hear their thoughts while gazing at my SG "Man, what a waste of a beautiful guitar!" :lol:

One of these days I'll melt their face off. One of these days! :)


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I tell folks "I play at it. I have fun."

I remember a board friend telling of overhearing two other guys admiring his guitar: "Too bad THAT guy's got it!"

That'd be me with any really nice axe. :lol:

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I always say it's not a contest .... but maybe it is? The one who has the most fun wins.

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