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How many here own both a acoustic and electric guitars?

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And about what percentage do you play them? Myself,it would be a 75/25 ratio playing acoustics the biggest part of the time. This includes my resonator and mandolin also. My electric playing has dwindled over the last few years as I play at the house a lot. In church I play bass or guitar,depends on if we have another bass or guitar player. I guess I'm getting real simple in life. What about you all ?

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I own an Acoustic, a Classical, and an Electric, the electric is a hollow body wiht flat wound strings.

The acoustic and classical I play more than the electric, but I'm starting to play that a bit more.

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I have 1 acoustic, 3 electric and an electric bass. I play the bass 90% of the time, electric 8% of the time and acoustic the rest. But, I did play my acoustic quite a bit this past week since I took it on vacation with me. The above percentages are made up on the spot, but are probably close.

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I have 4 electrics & 1 acoustic. I probably play the acoustic 25% of the time.

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I have more electrics than acoustics, but am close to 50/50 when it comes to playing.
my little uke gets most of the 50% lately, it seems.

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I have 1 acoustic, 1 electric and just sold my classical.

I am pretty much 50/50 on both of them... but have been spending a lot of time lately on barre chords and scales, and use the electric more for that.

And, as far as playing the electric in the house... almost all my practices are after the kids go to bed and I therefore end up using my headphone amp almost all the time. I haven't used my "real" amp in weeks.

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1 electric; 1 new acoustic 6 string; 1 old acoustic 6 string; 1 old acoustic 12 string. The old acoustic and 12 strings are going "buh bye", and I will get a new 12 string. I probably play the electric 60%; the 6 string acoustic 40% and the 12 string acoustic 10%. But sometimes I play the acoustic 6 string more. It all varies on what I'm playing and what I want to use. I love my guitars equally. :) With a new 12 string I hope to shift the acoustic ratio to a little more even.

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3 electrics, one 12-string electric, one acoustic, one bass

What I play varies according to what the band is performing. But I probably play an electric a bit more than the acoustic and the bass playing is only occasional.

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1 solid body electric - LTD

2 full hollow body archtops electrics (acoustic /electric) - Gibson ES-330 - Epiphone Casino

1 flat - top Epiphone acoustic

I mostly play the electrics, though I often practice on the Gibson or Epi without an amp.


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mostly i play my acoustics
5 electrics (6 string & 4 string bass)
2 acoustic electrics (6&12)
2 acoustics (6)
1 acoustic nylon


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1 very beat up classical, 4 acoustics, and 6 electrics. I try to balance out playing acoustic and electric buy I prolly play electric more, tho often sans amp.

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Two electrics - one of which gets used when I'm recording my own songs or teaching. The other one was my first electric when I was 16 so it's got sentimental value.

My girlfriend's son's Ibanez - I'm going to have to give it back when he gets home from his round the world trip. I've used it for recording

Two acoustics - one 6-string and one 12-string - they get used when we're having drunken singalongs after dinner, recording my own songs or teaching

One electric bass - used when I'm recording my own songs

Four classicals - cos that's what I do most - one is my main stage guitar which I use for orchestra rehearsals too, then I have a stage backup, then my main practise guitar and there's a backup for that too.

I bought a Backpacker off our beloved leader a few years back. That's been a few places with me, including on holiday to Italy when I was working on my Grade 4

And I have a mandolin, and one day I'm going to learn to play more on it than just that widdly bit at the end of Maggie May.

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1 acoustic, 1 electric, and how much I play them (relative to each other) changes constantly. The electric comes out at least a couple of times a week, every week, but I've been playing nothing but the acoustic the rest of the week lately - ever since I had it nicely set up. And especially now that the weather is nice and I can sit on the porch and noodle around on it. Over the winter, I was just stuck on the electric, and the acoustic probably only came out about once a week. It just changes constantly, depending on my mood.

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Two electrics - Fender MIM Tele and Squier Custom Tele. Three acoustics - Landscape SPT with cutaway, old battered Hondo, and 3/4 size classical.

Spend 95% of my guitar playing time evenly split between the Tele and the SPT - the Squier Tele's kept in open G for slide etc. and that gets played occasionally.

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Another electric bass player here. When I am not playing bass I play mainly the acoustic. I try to play it frequently in order to make the wood vibrates.

The problem comes when I pick my Strat. It is hard to me to put it down!

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