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HSH Ibanez Guitar
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HSH Ibanez Guitar

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Prefer Australian Responders only

Im thinking of getting a HSH Ibanez guitar that needs to be better than the Ibanez GRG170DX, Yamaha RGX121S and RGX121Z.
Im looking to spend around (preferably less than) $400AUD (ie; $300 USD max) @nd Hand (in immaculate or near perfect condition)

If these the following guitars are better or out of the price range could you please tell us:

Ibanez EX Series
Ibanez EX170
Ibanez EX1700
Ibanez EX350
Ibanez EX370
Ibanez EX3700
Ibanez EXR170
Ibanez Ergodyne
Ibanez GRG 370 FM TL
Ibanez GRG150
Ibanez GRG270
Ibanez GRG270DX
Ibanez GRX170
Ibanez RG1200TR
Ibanez RG1550
Ibanez RG1570
Ibanez RG1570 Prestige
Ibanez RG1608 J-Custom
Ibanez RG170
Ibanez RG170R
Ibanez RG250B
Ibanez RG250DX
Ibanez RG2550E
Ibanez RG2550EX
Ibanez RG2550EXGK Prestige
Ibanez RG270
Ibanez RG270DX
Ibanez RG270DX Special Edition
Ibanez RG270R
Ibanez RG27SP Limited Edition
Ibanez RG350DX
Ibanez RG350EX
Ibanez RG350GXWM
Ibanez RG350LTD
Ibanez RG370
Ibanez RG370B
Ibanez RG370DX
Ibanez RG390
Ibanez RG450
Ibanez RG450 Deluxe
Ibanez RG450 Limited Edition
Ibanez RG450DX
Ibanez RG450GX
Ibanez RG470
Ibanez RG470BK
Ibanez RG470CB
Ibanez RG470DX
Ibanez RG470FM
Ibanez RG505
Ibanez RG507
Ibanez RG508EX
Ibanez RG550
Ibanez RG570
Ibanez RG650
Ibanez RG680CM
Ibanez RG750
Ibanez RG770

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