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I did a bad thing.....
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I did a bad thing...

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It's finally come to this, I'm down to a single acoustic guitar. Since my car accident, I've been in debt and struggling financially. It happens when you are off for 4 months on sick leave and have to put your rent on your credit card.

Over the last year, I've sold off all my electrics: my Firebird, my Les Paul and most recently my Fender Jaguar. I didn't think I'd ever sell it as it is my favourite but I can't remember the last time I played it. It just seemed like too much work to haul out the amp, find the patch chords and etc. I thought I'd be sadder to see it go.

When I first picked up guitar, I was in my early 20's living at home with nothing but time and money to invest in the hobby. I'll be 30 this year, I have a 2 year and 2 more kids on the way (yes, twins!). Between that and work, I've barely had the time to play guitar thought I do grab the acoustic on occasion. I don't think I will give up guitar completely. I've already said I'm buying a really nice electric guitar when the lawsuit from my car accident settles.

Sorry for the self-obsessed rant but I hope someone's story mirrors mine in which you had to put the guitar aside and even sell them due to taking care of your families.

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Well you gotta do what you gotta do to keep the family housed, and fed. Ive been lucky that I have not been there, and if I did I don't have that much wrapped up in my gear, but I have other hobbies that I would really hate to have to clear out to pay the bills. Good luck and I hope things clear up for you soon

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I remember when you started posting here. I had just started playing guitar.
I liked reading your comments then and now.
I'm just hoping you pass on your guitar skills to the twins.
I've got two grand nephews, both less than two years old and I've told both their mothers (my nieces) that I'll pay for any music lessons that they want . . . hoping it's guitar but keyboard and drums would be cool. I figure helping someone find the joy of making music is a worthwhile thing to pass on.
Anyway, I hope you have a speedy and full recovery.

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wishing the best outcome for you. I too remember when you began to post. I had to take a fifteen year hiatus from guitar. I mean I had to sell my gear. I played crappy hand me down acoustics the entire time. then, fortune changed and I was able to buy a nice strat and amp. another fifteen years have gone by and I have several guitars, play in a band, and living on one quarter $ than I used to. I image I will have to sell again in the future when I need to go to a rest home.
hang in there. life is long. I bet you might even want to teach your kids how to play. keep the acoustic and good things will happen.

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Thanks for taking the time to read all.

I've recovered from the accident as much as I will recover which isn't fully. Once I get some money coming in, I may look at new electrics. I now have back problems so weight is going to be a huge factor so I can play longer.

In lieu of the guitar, I have been getting into dance and electronica such as Daft Punk. That being said, I have been playing with Garageband and mixing tracks. I'm looking to get married in the near future and it would be good to have dance tracks for my own wedding.

"In what, twisted universe does mastering Eddie Van Halen's two handed arpeggio technique count as ABSOLUTELY NOTHING?!" - Dr Gregory House

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So sorry to hear you've been through so much, I've always enjoyed reading your posts over the years. You sound like you are keeping it together as best you can. It's great you have a partner to stand by you. Don't worry so much about not being able to play the guitar as much as you used to at the moment, you'll be able to get back into it more when the children are older. Try to really enjoy the children and not worry about anything. I've had a lot of breaks with family things going on, but music is always there to come back to as a welcome gift.
When I was in my early twenties I quit my job which was highschool teaching, I was too scared to tell my family so I had to sell everything including a beautiful mandolin that my parents had bought for me in order to pay rent and feed myself for 6 weeks till I could get the temporary unemployment benefits. I felt so guilty and never told them about that either. Then just over ten years ago I replaced that mandolin with one by an Australian Luthier and I have it to pass on to one of the children or now Grandchildren. That kind of took away some of the guilt. (As an aside, the current Government in Australia is trying to get through parliament a law that people under 30 years of age cannot get unemployment benefits for 6 months after losing employment or leaving school, it's so unheard of for a place like Australia, everyone is still in shock and there will be a lot of people having to hock their stuff etc, sorry for that rant.)
Good luck and keep your chin up, it will work out, hang in there, Canada is a great place to live (I think you live in Canada from memory) spoil yourself and enjoy the summer and your forthcoming wedding, congratulations and for the twins! Sorry if I talk so much :)