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I need a new AMP

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So I have been playing not even a year, I practice an insane amount. I am actually serious about guitar, just like the instruments I have played before it.

Anyways I am getting tired of my Vox AD15VT. For a long time it was perfect, I thought the tone was good, but particularly recently I notice how muddy the sound is coming out of it. When I play anything on the lower strings mud pours from the 8 inch speaker.....

My guitar is a pre fender buyout Jackson RR3, I realize some of the mud comes from the Detonators, not exactly the best pickups in the world, but I am sure the amp acounts for most of it.

If anyone has any suggestions for a new amp, it would be appreciated. I play mostly metal and hard rock. I don't exactly have the biggest price range either(as much as I would like a triple rectifier...).

My friend suggest buying something like a tonelab and running it through a 15" bass speaker, I thought this sounded like an intresting idea.

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My first suggestion: on the VOX, turn down the gain knob. Also, play with your eq knobs. If not still happy, buy a cheap danelectro EQ pedal for about 20 bucks.

Or you could spend a few thousand dollars on a Marshall half-stack :D

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