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If you could have anybody's guitar,whose would you choose?

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Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's ax, nor his amp, nor anything that is thy neighbor's.

+1. I don't get the point of all this.

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the most expensive one possible. then i'd sell it and play my legacy. i'm happy with my legacy. i'd upgrade my acoustic, though. probably get a nice martin.

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Collectors are to guitar playing what museums guitar playing. I guess. That didn't turn out quite right.

But what I mean is, none of my axes are museum pieces. If I'm not gonna play it, then it doesn't need to take up space in my house.

(But I wouldn't mind having a '59 les paul. Cause I could sell it! I don't exactly collect money, either, but could find uses for it.)


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I have a pretty good collection,they're not worth anything,except to me.For years I wanted a Gibson Les Paul,that is until I played. Darn thing weighed a ton.If I could have anything,it would be able to play what I have a lot better.I still think of the times I got to play Mr.Hagood's '51 Tele.I couldn't play it like him,a jazz like barre chord style with thick flatwounds on it.I always wondered if his sons took good care of the guitar and charished it,or sold for cash.I guess I'll never know. :(

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