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I'm after a Acousti...
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I'm after a Acoustic, but not sure which..

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I'm going to get a acoustic for my 30th next month but not sure which make to go for, i have a fender eletric 50's stlye which i absolutly love, but the fender acoustic's are really cheap less that £100 in a shop near me, surely fender carn't be that bad at making acoustic's when there a top noth firm, someone said to me get a second hand one as it'll be worn in, what do you think? :D

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I'd say not to worry so much about the price and go try it out. You might get a great deal. I think there is some merit to the opinion that higher priced guitars are better made... but you never know when you might find a model that is cheaper and feels better in your hands. I like what one person on here wrote.. I dont remember who it was.. but they said to go in and promise yourself that you'll play every guitar in the store before you make a decision..

Good luck on your search. post pics on which every one picks you.

I am starting to get the urge to get another acoustic myself.


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surely fender carn't be that bad at making acoustic's when there a top noth firm,

There are many good Fender acoustics. They are called Guilds, and Tacomas.



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I started playing guitar this past January and purchased a starter Yamaha starter (F325) $180. I didn't want to spend too much in case I gave up on it.

If you know you will be playing acoustic, purchase the best you can afford. By Best, I mean the guitar that sounds the best to you. Be sure you get it setup so that your fingers don't get shredded.

As I understand it, it doesn't matter which guitar you purchase. Everyone get GAS at some point anyway. (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome)

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And I swear by my Washburn - £200, solid top.

A :-)

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I also have a washburn, which is my go-to guitar. My next guitar will be a slim profile performance guitar (with electronics). I've seen a Yamaha, a $920 washburn (made in china) :( , a very cool looking Parker guitar (about $2000), a Larrivee, and a Martin. After looking around, I'm vow not to settle for anything less than a Martin or Larrivee. I don't care if I have to wait forever...


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oh yes they can....

Fender makes some absolute pieces of crap acoustic guitars. So does Washburn. So does just about everybody. About the only way you are guaranteed not to get a bad guitar is to spend the money to get high end.

....or go play the the guitars you are thinking of buying.

I've got a Collings OM1A, Breedlove Northwest, Flyde Orsino and other high end guitars which are all amazing.......but.....

You knew that was coming right?

...two of my favorite guitars are my Washburn D84SW and a Fender DG22S I stupidly sold. You can get a fantastic Washburn in the 20 series. See if you can find one to try. Also Blueridge are amazingly good for the quality, I've played several and owned a BR-280 for a while.

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i got A Tanglewood TW155 AS in the end, love it.. 8) 8) :D

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I highly recommend the Canadian company Godin and their 4 lines of acoustics: Norman, Art & Lutherie, Simon & Patrick and Seagull. These are excellent guitars for the price. They also have a classical line: La Patrie and and electric line: Godin.

I am Canadian but I am also a beginner who has recently been comparing several brands and the ones I've tried I love the sound of the Godin guitars for the price you really get your moneys worth.

Larivee is also Canadian.