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I'm looking for a new bass

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I've been playing bass for 6 months on a friend's Ibanez GSR 200 which is a pretty decent bass to begin with.

Christmas is coming and I'm thinking about treating myself with a bass.

My budget would be between $750 and $1000 and I'm looking for 4 string bass.
I play rock songs most of the time but I'd like to have something still versatile.

I started to look around and here are the models I spotted so far:

Fender Big Block P Bass Guitar:

Warwick Corvette

Fender Reggie Hamilton Jazz Bass

Fender Franco Bello Signature

I also spotted some models from G&L and I'm definitely in love with the Rickenbacker 4003 ( it may be a bit out of my budget).

What do you think of my selection? Coming from Europe I have no idea of what I could get on the used market for the same amount of money. Is it worth it for me to have a look at it?


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Great selection, but there are dozens of killer basses in your price range. You've got to get out and play them; one will sing to you.

And yes, try to buy used. :)

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