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We've been going through all the arguments about the MPA and it's stance on tab, etc.. A number of people have also said that they are or have turned to Indie musicians, who post their work on the internet. Here's a place for you to post some info on who they are, what they play and where they can be found - let's get a catalogue of the Indie music scene together for the benefit of all the GN members.
We can all benefit from new faces and styles of music.

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I'm a fan of a number of performers from Barsuk Records, like John Vanderslice who continues the grand tradition of the rock concept album,
John Darnielle, his Mountain Goats project, is one of a kind, a guy with a guitar, a boombox and a microphone who writes brutally frank songs,
The Pernice Brothers produce some great 60's-ish pop and check out the great Indie Cribs video on the site,
Clem Snide is in a similar vein,
Yo La Tengo es mui bueno melodic electric guitar songs,
Calexico have a distinctive sound that mixes western and jazz into albums that cover so many genres they sound like 5 bands,
Sufjan Stevens plays sweet harmonic pop on a banjo, The Sadies helped give the wonderful Neko Case that gritty 50's sound, Holly Golightly is blues/rockabilly/country, Lou Barlow and Sebadoh produce good straight ahead rock, Apples in Stereo pop it up, Low defines slowwave, The Decemberists kind of remind me of Robyn Hitchcock and the Egyptians, if that helps....

Man, there's just so much, here's just a few favorites, and that's just the pop rock, then there's the whole roots/Fat Possum school of Indie. I recommend listening to the Indie Pop Rocks! internet radio station and the archived Breakfast of Champions shows at WMBR, a few hours will give you a good assortment.

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There are several places I go to listen to and/or buy indie music. By indie, I mean non-majors, not indie pop, though there's plenty of that as for sure:

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I get alot of the stuff I listen to from smaller record companies because the major players, for the most part don't produce what I like to hear. I get alot of Blues stuff From Blind Pig, Arhoolie and alot of stuff from RUFRecords

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A great place to stream an download (perfectly legal) indie music is epitonic:

Other than that, there are literally hundreds of indie mp3 blogs, but their legal status is unclear (to say the least).

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This is a little off topic. Didn't Yoko release an album of Lennon accoustic stuff a couple of years back which had the chords and some tabs in the liner notes? That seems to me to be something that most artists would consider doing on their own.